Word Clock – Tek – 21″ – English – UNIQUE MODEL

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Your interior deserves a very special clock. Word Clock by TNTLab is made for you.

No hands, no digits, Wordclock will  spell you the new time. And as time is running too fast, it will change only every 5 minutes.

You can setup the color of letters (color leds) and the brightness automatically adjusts according to the ambient light.


  • Size : 20″5/8 x 20″5/8 x 2″
  • Face : wood, tek
  • Frame : white
  • Color : you can setup the color of letters (color leds)
  • Language : English


Word Clock by TNTLab are generally made to order. This unique model is ready to ship.

Needs a 5V-1A Micro-USB power supply. You can provide your own or buy it from us.

Additional information

Weight 175 oz
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 4 in
Adaptor and cable

No, US Micro-USB adaptor + 10ft cable, EU (France) Micro-USB adaptor + 10ft cable


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